I block my Ex during NC?

It is okay that I block my ex boyfriend on Whatsapp during my No contact mode? The reason I have to do this :
1) I keep checking my Whatsapp to see if he message me
2) I keep looking at his Whatsapp status or profile picture
It's a challenge for me. I am now on Day 2 on NC and I might unblock him on Day 30


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  • nothing wrong with that. if doing that helps you then it shouldn't matter what the reason is

    • The reason I have to do is because he's in a rebound relationship and I still love him and want him back

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    • ok cool

    • Is there a chance to get my ex boyfriend back from a rebound?

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  • If he is your ex why would you need to unblock him?

    • I still love him but I have to block him for a while just need to cure my heart first

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    • Thank you so much! Don't worry I won't post too much like everyday hahaha just when I hang out with friend or any convention I'll post it

    • Right he's in a rebound relationship with someone else

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  • if ur exs then why are u willing to unblock him and just delete his number if u dont want to see his profile picture

    • Because I still love him so I'm better block him and no contact for 30 days

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    • I am giving him space. For now I'm gonna block him first. If he wants to message me he can just use iMessage or contact me through social media since we still follow each other

    • fair enough

  • Why block him. If u still like him. Talk to him. Sinple

    • I still love him but the problem is he's in a rebound relationship with someone else. Without telling me the truth. I'm trying to get him back

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    • Thanks for the help

    • Ya np

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