I block my Ex during NC?

It is okay that I block my ex boyfriend on Whatsapp during my No contact mode? The reason I have to do this :
1) I keep checking my Whatsapp to see if he message me
2) I keep looking at his Whatsapp status or profile picture
It's a challenge for me. I am now on Day 2 on NC and I might unblock him on Day 30


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  • nothing wrong with that. if doing that helps you then it shouldn't matter what the reason is

    • The reason I have to do is because he's in a rebound relationship and I still love him and want him back

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    • ok cool

    • Is there a chance to get my ex boyfriend back from a rebound?

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  • If he is your ex why would you need to unblock him?

    • I still love him but I have to block him for a while just need to cure my heart first

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    • Thank you so much! Don't worry I won't post too much like everyday hahaha just when I hang out with friend or any convention I'll post it

    • Right he's in a rebound relationship with someone else

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