Advice on a break up?

my boyfriend of 5 years up and left me. He not only owed me 400 bucks, but told me he wasn't in love with after 3 weeks... like i didn't even mean a damn thing. i just want advice about moving on from a long term relationship..


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  • take your grieveing time, ya know, eat a gallon of ice cream if it helps, but, make sure you work it off, if you do.. don't need to be getting fat

    then, you get back out there and start dating again. thats what dating, what you should have been doing, is done.. you don't need to be in a ltr at 23

    • I've been in a relationship since i was 16 and im already fat so eh

    • yeah, exactly my point, you didn't need to be in a ltr at 16, you should be DATING.. and well, maybe you should get to the gym, yes?

    • well yes, but it happened so

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