Letting a female freind go advice please on how to?

I asked her out and our friendship ended. 3 years of friendship down the drain painfully. The hard part is that I have to regularly see her and talk with her. The hard part is that I still wonder why she so abruptly turned on me and why she is acting like I don't exist unless I call her name to talk with her even in a group.
I want to stop wondering about her but I'm not sure how to. It is not like I'm going insane any more I can control it. I just want to stop wondering about her behavior.


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  • Just stop worrying! Apologize to her if she feel offended and just ask make her understand that her attitude has changed towards u and that you just thought she was amazing but your friendship is more important. Tell her you are willing to go back to the way things were between you 2 and ask her if she is willing to do the same

    • Good suggestion but we kind of already had that talk. I also friendzoned her twice both times she did not look happy about it but quickly his it.
      Any ways any advice on how to stop wondering about her behavoir?

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    • Well I hope she will try to reach out but often people just don't and let the friendship go. Normally over time losing touch.

    • There is always a slim chance that your friendship die, that was the risk you took but moving on. Im not saying you should stop talking to her. Just don't do it often so that she misses the time you gave her your entire attention. Also spend time with her once in a while as close friends so that you can keep you closeness in check and not grow apart. When she starts talking to you first when she sees you it will be an dictator that she is letting go what happened.

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