Why can't I get over my ex who's two faced and wants to play both sides?

So my ex and his on again off again girlfriend were together numerous times before me and him dated last year. Then we dated for almost a month. Then they got back together right away right when he broke up with me and they're still together to this day. And I've noticed that ever since he got back together with her, whenever I have contact with him, despite him getting mad I call him sometimes and him telling me to stop calling him sometimes, he's two faced and he plays both sides me and her. He acts like he wants me while he has her. And in the past he's told me and my bff that he was gonna break up with her and he told me that he was gonna go back together with me. But he hasn't done it. And plus I changed my number on New Years Eve so him and his stupid girlfriend don't have it anymore. But anyways, I still feel like I love him after all this time and I still think about him sometimes and I even get depressed about him late at night. Why can't I get over him?


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  • Because you all it that way!

    Don't dwell in the past, just let go! Go out have fun, enjoy life!

    I've had a girl like this, either we break up or hook up or whatever.

    And it was really destroying me and my life.

    So one night we were out enjoying with our mutual friends.
    And she would not stop bothering me for sex. But i did not want to have anything in common with her anymore! So i laid it all out on her that i just can't i don't want to be with her no mater that i may love or not love or whatever. She kept begging me to rethink. But i was firm and did end it that night.

    Yes it was hard to move on and continue with my own life but after few weeks i was finally free.
    For you i would dare to say you still have to meet the right guy who will make you forget that one.

    And stay away from Fox type's people. Two faced people never change even if the vouch or pretend in the end is the same.

    Just move on!

    • Thank you. It seems hard.

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  • When we're used to a certain thing or person, we can't but remember it. Even a simple thing like a tree that is cut in your backyard. It seems empty. You get used to it overtime. Look at the other beautiful things you're blessed with which were besides the tree that you made so huge in your life. Your parents, your friends, your pets, maybe even your religious beliefs. Look at the small little plants huge tree in the garden because they too do a lot.

    • Thank you. I don't know why I can't just forget about him.

    • That's because you're missing the huge tree which is cut while ignoring the little other tree's and plants in your life that make your life's garden beautiful!! Get good friends, spend more time with family, pets, cousins etc. You're concentrated too much on just him. Ignoring all others who make your life worth living.

  • You dated for almost a month, and you can't get over him? At this point you have spent (wasted) more time pining over your "loss" than all the hours that the two of you were together.
    Stop beating yourself up. Nothing that you might have done, nothing that you might do now will win him back.
    And you are inviting problems by calling him and inviting him to play you against her. Of course he plays both sides "me and her". You have given him an ideal opportunity to play that game. He wins, you lose.
    You dated for almost a month. That's less than 31 days. Sorry, you should have moved on. Can't undo the past. Move on now.


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