I'm too scared to dump my boyfriend and I'm not happy :(?

So, me and my boyfriend have been going out for 2 and a bit months and I honestly don't feel happy in the relationship. Me and him have absolutely no communication at all. All we do is send silly snaps to each other but don't actually talk. We haven't properly spoken in 2 or more days. :(. I asked if he was alright and all he did was send another stupid selfie and didn't answer my question. He's a nice lad but I honestly don't think he's a good boyfriend. I don't know how to dump him coz we don't see each other in person. So it's going to have to be over text message if j do :(. But sometimes he does make me happy but most of the time he doesn't. I kinda want him to dump me so it's easier on me. Like the last thing i wanna do is hurt him but I'm really not sure if he does love me anymore and he feels the same way as me and is scared to dump me. I would he extremely hurt if I do get dumped and I would be hurting if I dumped him because I still love him and we have had good days. I just don't know what to do anymore. This is my first proper relationship. But we've only met up twice. I really feel like I'm on my own. Can someone please help me?
I'm too scared to dump my boyfriend and I'm not happy :(?
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