Should I consider getting divorced or give her more time?

I just got married few months ago. 15 months and god has blessed with me with a baby boy recently. I am a student and my wife too.. Since our marriage she has moved to my house (from another country) and we had a lot of arguments, fights at the start as every couple have. Things were getting better but of course since she has given birth to a baby. she was acting very weird and it was getting unbearable. A lot of time misbehaving with me disprecting my parents. I told her to go back to her house and spend some time with her family and make her mind up. We both agreed on this and she was ready to come to my house. She kept asking me a lof of times if she can come now but for some reason i though its better for me to give her more time its been 7 weeks now. Even my family isn't happy with my wife. When my family talked to her family about her behavior my wife got very upset. Eventhough i made few mistakes ofcourse arguments, comments about her family. Last week she messeged but i didn't reply because we both were angry. Now she has blocked me from everywhere and doesn't response to my calls, messeges. I tried to talk her, called her, told to calm down so we can solve issues but she isn't responding at all. eventhough she messed it up. i even said if she wants to get seperated i am okay with that but she didn't respond. she couldnt survive without talking to me for a day
I am assuming her family told her to cut off with me so for a reason. Her family is very much involved in her matter just as my family. MY mum is telling me to wait and have a patient and wait untill they react. but ofc i couldnt live without messeging her so i kept doing it over again and again.. I was very angry when i saw that she is friend with someone ( guy) she had a contact before marriage and i told her to remove him but she didn't..
please suggest me what to do that wife who was soo possessed with me and we had great life.. Is she with someone else or is it worthy to invest in our relationship

Should I consider getting divorced or give her more time?
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