Did I fuck up by kissing this guy?

My ex and I reconnected and agreed it isn't working so we're giving each other 1 week to hang out for closure. He has treated me poorly, is an addict, was borderline abusive (emotionally, mostly) the other night when we went out, and is super erratic, suddenly saying he is religiously "saving sex for marriage" (we've been having sex for months).

Last night I went out with my co-worker, who said he likes me and has a big crush on me and we made out and were pretty flirty all night. I'm still seeing my ex for the one week for the closure & hanging out and I know he'd be hurt and very angry if he knew I even hung out with this guy alone - but part of me thinks it's not a big deal because him and I aren't exclusively dating and he's treated me terribly for months anyway so why should I accommodate him when he can't even make me feel wanted/refuses to have sex with me and there's a guy who actually wants me around?

I do love him but he's hurt me greatly in the last month or so, so I'm not sure if what I did was wrong and I shouldn't have kissed anyone or if it's not a big deal and it's RIGHT for me to look elsewhere when we're basically ending things for good and he treats me bad?


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