Kissed a guy when I'm still talking to my ex?

My ex and I agreed on one more week of talking/hanging out before moving on but last night I went out with my coworker who likes me and we flirted all night and made out before I left that night. I know Im seeing my ex for one more week and it would hurt/anger him to know I kissed another guy, but he's treated me poorly, made me question his feelings, and has chosen addictions over me in the last few months. The other night he was basically abusive, emotionally and almost physically when he was drunk and since then I've been completely turned off from him and how he treats me. He also says he can't have sex with me because he is erratic and randomly told me he "cant have sex til marriage" even though we've had sex together for years since I methim.

So, I don't know if I did something wrong in kissing my co-worker who actually wants me around, wants to have sex with me, and is not abusive... When I promised my ex one more week of us together so we can hang out a few more times. Am I just being human and is what I did acceptable, or did I fuck up?


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  • sorry, but you'll fucked up If you allow yourself to justify what happened as a good sign to have sex with a co-worker. (friends with benefits.
    sex is easy to get, but you need to take responsibility for yourself.
    the problem is that you don't know what you want, and that creates a confusion between you and what you really want.

    cut your ex, and take a break... your life became like a candy attracts annoying flies.

  • he cheated you... i dont know why any guy would refuse sex... thats just wrong.. and ur relationship isn't healty either... move on. that is my advice to you


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