Girls, Based off of this, do you think she still cares for me?

So my ex and I were together for almost 3 months it was amazing, i treated her like a princess and was always there for her, the sex wasn't the greatest but that didn't even matter for us that much, we hung out so much slept over all the time and she told me she was the best boyfriend she's ever had multiple times, she's been hurt in the past. This girl was practically obsessed with me and I loved it and her. Were in college and I actually broke up with her, this was my first real relationship and I eventually got really scared, I was starting to get relationship anxiety, I know it sounds dumb but I really did. I texted her the next day and she forgave me, we began to hang out again kind of more friendly than intimate but texting all day pretty much everyday, I should’ve made a move on her to reignite the relationship i just didn't know what i was doing. I went home for spring break and I could tell she was getting a little distant. When I came back i saw her a couple times took her for some errands and then all of a sudden she says she doesn't want to see me anymore and she has lost feelings. She told me she doesn't want a relationship right now and that she never meant it when she said she loved me. I acted desperate, begged for her back and even wrote her a love letter. Regardless she wasn't happy i wasn't giving her space and we had an argument and said nasty things to each other, then both apologized the next day. Its been two weeks since we last talked now (trying no contact) and we dont even act like we exist when we see each other in person. All of a sudden the other day she gives me a follow on instagram with a brand new account saying she's back to modeling something she used to talk about to me all the time and i would support her for. I think in two weeks ill send her a text. Do I have any chance of getting back with her? I know it was short but i did love her and i feel like she still thinks about me all the time even though she says she lost feelings.


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  • *facepalm* oh boy. if it were me in this situation, don't even bother getting back with her. if she has the nerve to tell you that she never really loved you (even if she really didn't mean that), don't even bother with her anymore. she can't realize that she had something good in her life. I think that you should have explained to her about your anxiety, which might have prevented your breakup in the first place. the fact that she follows you on insta with a new account might mean that she's trying to start over (either socially, mentally, etc.). if I was her, I'd be following you because I'm still considering having you in my life. my point is is that I really wouldn't waste my time with her anymore. things will get awkward again, and there's now more potential to go down hill again. get a new girl, or if you still have anxiety, teach yourself to overcome that. I really hope this helps 🙂. ~chloe

    • I dont know if she ever did love me but she said she had deep feelings for me at one point and I know it sounds like she was the mean one but i was the one who got distant and hurt her, she would have done anything for me. I understand that you think i should just let her go but i can't i care for her too much and she did the same for me at one point. If she is following me on insta do you really think she is trying to remind me of her? And i know you dont reccomend this right now but should i stick to no contact for a couple more weeks and then try to reach out to her, or just do it now?

    • well, I would leave her be for a couple more weeks. who knows, she might be trying to rebuild herself, I don't know. I think that if she still really has those feelings for you, she'll pursue them. as for you, I think you should have explained your anxiety to her. I think it would have made her more aware of things that are going on with you, and might have drawn you two closer. however, the past is the past. I would wait a few weeks still, and during that time, learn to become independent. if she comes back to you, then it's your call to get back with her. if she doesn't come back, then move on. at least you know what to look for in a new relationship if that's the case.

    • Thanks I appreciate it, its been almost a month now since we last talked im gonna shoot her a text in two days and see how she is, i'll let you know how it goes!!!

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