Is he really over her this time or just another "break"?

My friend and his ex keep breaking things off. But he'd always tried to win her back somehow. I think after the third time they broke up he actually started dating someone else, but then he broke up with her. And even though he said he missed his girlfriend and wanted her back, he stopped. All of a sudden, he was hanging out and talking to his ex all the time. He'd talk to his his even when he had a girlfriend, but it was a lot more once he broke up with his girlfriend.

I've never seen a more dysfunctional couple who have no reason to be dysfunctional. They never actually started dating again. They got into this really bad argument and now they only talk when they see each other (although they seem to be really friendly). But how do I know he's really over her this time and it's not just another "break"?


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  • If he was sure about really wanting her then they wouldn't keep breaking up. This is the stuff divorces are made of. He is attached, but both of them aren't will to put in the work necessary.


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