Is there a chance?

So OK. There is this guy that I'm really into. and he likes me. We had a conversation just the other night, with me telling him that we fit together so good. Personality, total chemistry and he totally agreed with me, even saying that I'm one of the few people that truly understands him. Now here's the rub. I'm getting a divorce soon and for a short time we all use to work together at a restaurant. So my crush friend just feels that he can't get together with me. He keep saying . " I just can't"... aaagggghh. So I know he likes me, but he doesn't want to hook. Does anyone think I have a chance ? Is there hope that once my divorce is finally he'll come around or am I wasting my time and it's just time for my to let him go and move on?


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  • yea there's a chance. I can understand why he's hesitating since you're getting the divorce. but only time will tell :) the best thing to do is just be patient with it.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok so he basically just told you he does not want to hook up with you. You have two options: if your interested wait until the divorce is final and see if he changes his mind or you could just move on as he has made it clear that he is not gonna make an effort to hook up. Sorry hun but it seems to me that he is not that bothered yeah he maybe flirted and maybe he likes you a little but really he can't be that interested otherwise he would make an effort to be with you. Take my and advice and move on don't waste any more time and if he comes running to you then great if not then at least then you will know.

    Good luck :)


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