My Ex Hates Me But I'm Madly In Love With Him. What Do I Do?

we've been apart for a month and a half. ever since he found out i made out with another guy on my class's trip, he's been furious. however, some friends had told me that he had made out with some girl a week before i did. i turned out to be a lie, but it was too late then.
i don't know what else he knows, but he refuses to talk to me or see me.
we spoke yesterday on messenger and what hurt me the most was "you never existed, joke's over". i don't know what i've done to him, but i love him and i can't be without him... he was my first in pretty much everything, and now he treats me like that. we both felt A LOT for each other, but I don't know what i've done now.

he he has said he doesn't want to get back together with me, but that was because he thought i wouldn't change. (the reason he broke up with me was because i was extremely jealous and created fights all the time).
plus, the fact EVERYONE went up to him and kept telling him to get back together with me annoyed him, but i never made anyone convince him...
i seriously need help. i cannot stop crying or thinking about him, but i want him more than anything.


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  • Guys, pay attention here. She's giving a valuable lesson, in case you don't already know this one.

    See, SHE fucked around on HIM, but she's acting like SHE is the victim in all this. That's pretty standard. If women came with a manual, that behavior would be listed on the first page, under "Features", and it's common to all of them. Nothing is ever their fault, there's always some man behind everything, pulling the levers. It's a man's fault that the woman spread her legs for another man, it's a man's fault that a woman spent herself right into the Poor House, it's a man's fault she got $200k in debt for a degree in Feminist Dance Theory instead of going to a small, public college for nursing, accounting, or something else that would be useful.

    You fucked up, cupcake, and now you're facing the consequences. Yes, that's right, actions have consequences. I know most women don't understand that, and even fewer accept it, but it's the truth.

    So here's what you do: Own your mistake. Admit that YOU were the one who fucked this all up. Move on. Leave him alone. And maybe, just maybe, think about NOT fucking around on the next guy just because some other guy came along and makes your 'gina tingle.

    • wait, not wanting to lose the person i love from another girl makes me a bad person? a drama queen? not really. keep your rude comments outta my question, "cupcake". we're not friends, keep that in mind.
      i have owned up to my mistakes, and i'm paying for them. he was really friendly at first, but the second week we were apart, he saw me hanging out with a guy he's extremely jealous of, and that's when he started being rude. you don't know how he treated me. i might've been jealous, but he forced me not to even talk to any of my exes or have them in my contacts, facebook, snapchat or instagram. ask before you open your stinking mouth.
      plus. it's really hard to move on. i need advice on how to make him take me back, or talk to me at least.

    • Who said anything about you being a drama queen or a bad person? You've displayed typical female behavior. Are you saying all women are bad?

      If he treated you SO badly, why do you want him back?

      You can't *make* someone take you back or even talk to you, though as you found out you *can* make them not want anything to do with you.

      This is a lesson, if you choose to learn from it. If not, well, no one can *make* you learn anything.

      Just let it go. You can't fix this.

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  • > "the reason he broke up with me was because i was extremely jealous and created fights all the time"

    No-one in their right mind puts up with a drama queen. Grow up.

  • He has lost all trust in you and more people go on about getting back with you the more he thinks about what you did to hurt him.

    • so, making more and more people talk to him was a bad idea all along. what can i do now?
      i've spoken to his mother, and she said that we should leave it for now, and try again in the summer. what does that mean? does she know something more or is she just guessing? also, she told me we should talk more about all of this, but i'm too afraid to contact her.

  • you got served. move on.
    he won't get back with you ever again

  • distant yourself

  • Nevermind

  • stick around him everyday till he gives up and takes you back


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