Made out with another guy.. did I fuck up?

My ex and I reconnected a few months ago. We have decided it's not going to work for several reasons and wanted to spend 1 more week together to hang out romantically before being just friends. He only wanted one day and I had to push him for the week. I went out with co-workers and kissed my friend at the end of the night. I know this would hurt/anger my ex, but he has also been very erratic, made me question how much he wants/loves me, getting re-involved in addictions, and was borderline abusive (emotionally) the other night when he was drunk. He hasn't been treating me well and I've been very hurt but also wanted one more week with him before we call it quits.

Anyway, did I do something morally wrong by kissing my co-worker? I love my ex more than anyone, but he's been hurting me a lot too and doing fucked up stuff. Part of me thinks I should never have kissed another guy when I'm talking to someone who loves me (even if they don't show it fully all the time), but the other part thinks it's ok to have kissed another guy because i'm not my ex's "girlfriend", he's treated me poorly, and he is not fighting for me to keep me in his life romantically.

Did I fuck up here or is what I did ok?
Made out with another guy.. did I fuck up?
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