Should he be messaging another girl on social media?

I caught boyfriend of 2 years who we have just bought our first home together messaging another girl on social media:
He went for a night out with some friends Saturday then on Monday I came across some messages with a girl asking about his friend he was with that night. He asks her for her friends account and suggests they should all go for drinks.
As far as I'm aware he has not spoke to the other girl which he asked about.
I have confronted it about him and he claims it was small talk. He switches from saying he was wrong to he can't see what he has done wrong but understands I'm hurt.
Am I over reacting?


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  • No, as a couple of 2 years he should at least inform you. You are right to be hurt and he is playing it off by saying he doesn't know what he's done wrong. Just save it as a point later on in another fight because it is not something he can say, "that was a while ago let it go".

  • online things are frequent for guys


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