I'm stuck between trying to move on and fight for him. What should I do?

So this guy just left me a little more than a week ago. We were long distance but in the same country, he is in medical school and plans to come finish his residency in the city I'll go to college, exactly one year later. Although that was just a posibility, cause maybe he would finish it there, that gave me hope to continue with this relationship that we had. We've been already dating for about 6 months, so i thought we would make it work. But he left me. We weren't exclusive because of the distance but we were planning to meet in about 2 weeks. And he just gave up, saying "he doesn't want us to hate each other in time because of our differences and his periods with lack of communication. And is especially hard because of the distance" . He said he still cared about me but maybe also got a little bored. On one hand, I think about all the problems we had and want to try and let go, move on with my life and delete all his texts and number. But on the other hand, I fucking love him. Texting him may seem as if I'm desperate, and that's the only thing keeping me. What do you guys think? What's better to do in a long distance breakup? ( although There's the posibility of meeting in the future due to college)


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  • LDR's suck big time. They have never worked out for me. Both times I moved on.

  • I just stick with him in your best interest but get you some on the side keep you right

    • I don't know what that means

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    • yeah that's my bad I read it wrong. I'm sorry. yeah I wouldn't move on

    • you're one of the good ones

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