Guys: What do you think of this scenario?

I ended up developing feelings for a guy I wasn't supposed to see again because he was very sweet and charming. We were supposed to be "friends with benefits" but I called it off after we saw each other a couple of times because my life was getting too busy to fool around. When I told him that we should stop seeing each other, he asked me if we could see each other one last time and he prepared the occasion with a bottle of wine, a candle, and special 'for her' condoms. Of course a girl would catch feelings when a guy gets romantic like this. I avoided contact with him for a month to get over him, but the feelings didn't go away. So, I have resorted to asking him to reject me in person with this text message:
"As you already know, I’m celibate. I’ve lost interest in sex and I have no intention of seeing anyone. I’m not supposed to like anyone right now. It’s pretty rare for me to like a guy and I didn’t think I was going to like you when we met because we are very different. But when I realized that I like you after I stopped seeing you, it was unexpected and it has become quite inconvenient. I thought avoiding contact with you for a month would help me get out of this phase, but this option has been unsuccessful. So now I am asking you to reject me IN PERSON to help me get out of this phase."
Guys: What do you think of this scenario?
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