He cheated on his last girlfriend six times, could he change?

OK well there;s this guy that I've known for like four years now we didn't talk for a while now we started talking again and we're now dating, although it's just going to be like a summer thing as of right now because he's going off to college in September. well before we started dating he told me from the get go that I shouldn't trust him. he didn't tell me why just that I shouldn't. well a couple of days ago a mutual friend told me that he cheated on his last girlfriend, that he had been dating for three years, six times. I really like him, and I know that after this summer I may never see him again, but does anyone think there's anyway he could change.

Like the other day I was talking to him and asked him how his day has been and he said crappy and I asked why, and he said because of me and he wouldn't say what I did, but he said that I shouldn't worry about it that it wasn't something that I did wrong just something that he's been thinking about and he still acted how he usually after that conversation, but I don't know what that could mean or anything. what does everyone think about this?


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  • Okay so I might be giving this guy undue credit, BUT.. I was always a player and a scumbag with girls. I'd screw anything that talked to me, and I really had no care about how it affected the girl I was dating or her feelings. In college, I met this girl and at first it just started as a friends with benefits situation. It was like this for an entire semester. Now, we had no boundaries or whatever at the time but she found out that I slept with someone else and I watched her absolutely cry her eyes out. It was at that point she really confessed her feelings. I took her on several dates and worked very hard to establish a relationship. It was the best decision I've ever made in my life. This girl was everything I could ever ask for, and I'd never dream of cheating on her. So I am a reformed player.

    • So in other words there's still a chance he could change, and we havn't slept together or anything yet the most we've done is make out, because he said he didn't want to get to attached and he's already taken me on a couple of dates and since I'm living at home right now while I finish school whenever my step-dad and I get in these huge fights and I get really upset he always gets me out of the house and tries to cheer me up. so how should I take this?

      sorry I just really need help with this.

    • There is a slim chance, you've got to wow him. Make him earn sex, and make it clear that if you find out he's screwing anyone else, you're gone.

    • Ok I can do that, thanks for the help, I'll make sure I'm clear with him.

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  • He's a real manipulator.

    Steer clear of him.

    Being unfaithful is the worst form of dishonesty. It even beats lying.

    He won't change.

  • You're not here looking for honesty, you're looking for someone to tell you want you want to hear.

    Enjoy your trainwreck relationship.

    • No if I was trying to do that I'd just go to my friends because honestly I don't even know what I want to hear at this point. I've cheated on, used, and I've been in pretty much any type of a relationship except an abusive and a long lasting relationship, so really at this point I can take just about anything.

  • stay away from this guy don't give it up if you did well you got played.

  • Once a cheater always a cheater. 6 times is pretty unforgivable.


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  • I didn't even read that thing. Just from the title, don't go with a guy that has cheated 6 times on one girl. They don't change. The first time they may change with cheating, but after the second or third time it's not happening.


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