Why is he angry?

A week ago I found out that my boyfriend of 1 year has been cheating on me for the past 7 months. He dumped her straight away in hopes that I can give him another chance. I wasn't going to, but he did not know this and so we kept talking. Few days passed and I could genuinely sense that he was down. I brought it up and he admitted to feeling confused and not sure about his decision. So he asked for time and then the next day he said it is probably me and asked for more time, while also reaching out to her. The cheating/affair was awful, he did not care about how he would make me or her feel when we find out, neither did he care about our health because he insisted on not using protection with either of us and many other nasty things. So eventually I couldn't be bothered with talking to him and so I told him that I am no longer an option and I doubt he ever had any feelings for me or her because he would not have treated us the way he did. Because I said that he assumed I was with a guy or sm along those lines. I told him that I won't dignify him with an answer. He called me like 10 times and I didn't pick up. He sent a few angry messages calling me names and thanking me for 'helping him to make a choice' and then he proceeded to block me on social media. Although I am hurt, overall I also feel liberated... I just don't understand, how does he have the nerve to be the angry/heartbroken one? Insisting I moved on too quickly? I couldn't wait for him?

Oh additionally he has been like rewriting our story and twisting it since the break up. As if he suffered partial amnesia. He would say stuff like oh we didn't get on, I didn't want to move in with you, there was pressure. And I am like what the hell he practically begged to move in with me asap (I even made a post about it on here) and he insisted on meeting my parents and overall we got on but for his outbursts and petty arguments. Just weird.


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  • thats horrible... how are you doing a week later?

    • Tbh great. Began working out, travelling, got back with lots of friends he made me cut off, began reading again etc. I am not saying this did not affect me but like atm I am happy. But for moments when a guy suggests that we should go on a date or sm along those lines and suddenly I feel sick and my chest feels heavy (in a bad way)... so perhaps this will have a long term effect on me but other than that I feel freeeeee.

    • yeah the freedom is good and the pain will pass so dont worry x

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  • Oke really I'm sure he is just using you, move on! Don't listen, do your thing and be happy!!! Find someone who is worth your time! You're so young


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