Prison farms: can someone tell me about them?

can anyone tell me anything about prison farms I had a relative moved from a detention center on a DUI charge to one today with two weeks left in their sentence and they will not release any information. can anyone fill me in on them?


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  • prison farms are modern day gulags or detention camps...legally they are prisons except that people who go there are typically short-term and have personal problems that need to get fixed through discipline and hard work...boot camp and farming

    • That makes no sense for him. he is there for a first offense dui charge and he got 75 days, the legal limit in sc is 30 days!

    • And that raises the question, did he do something while he was in that lead to additional time or needing to solve personal problems this way?

    • Nope he sure didn't I went to see him everyday and believe me the staff there knew me well. he has not done anything to cause this to happen. does anyone know how the visits are before he was just behind glass?

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  • You will be sent to an agricultural ranch and will perform hard labor there.

  • Yes, you are like a modern day slave. Instead of being careful of dropping the soap, you have to be careful of planting the seeds.


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