Did my sister's ex breaking up with her really destroy her this badly?

Back in the beginning of January unfortunately my younger sister's boyfriend left her after they had been together for 4 years. That completely broke her heart and she felt her depression she had before even more after that, 3 months later and she's still broken about it even when she felt it wasn't there for her to feel it is. Now I'm not looking for the "Get over it replies" because she has never felt these kinds of things for this long after break ups before this.

My question is did he really hurt her that badly or something? Don't think I've heard of her being this brought down and destroyed inside over something like this for this long, I don't know what to do for her because as far as I can tell it still stings her


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  • Well 4 years is a long time there is no way to just get over it people deal with being left differently. I know the feeling I was left after 8 years and slumped into depression my life felt like it ended. All I can say is be there for her dont push her she'll slowly cope with it and build herself up. Just show her you care and are there for her if she needs to talk or cry or anything you never completely get over depression it creeps up on you when you least expect it when things seem to be going the best.


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  • I'm sure she's going through the emotional trauma of it all. Girls especially if we get really hurt, cheated on, lied to, someone fell out of love with us is just devastating. We tend to love our relationships with all our hearts. We give everything sometimes and get crap back. But it's also a part of life now a days. If she's taking it as hard as you say it probably had something to do with one of those things. She's definitely feeling like she's not enough and self esteem is shattered. Remind her she is needed and missed when she isn't around. Feeling needed is important during that time.


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