I am so confused and not sure if I should contact him?

Hi All :) I ended things with a guy I was dating for 9 months about 6 weeks ago. I felt the break up was down to poor communication and not being straight with each other about what we want. Also he wants everything on his terms. He was playing a lot of games to get reactions out of me. He asked a while back to be his girlfriend but he was screaming and shouting and he scared me as I never seen this side to him. Since then we have had a lot of arguing with each other. It got to point where I need to walk away to breath but he never let me and made situation worse. I got to breaking point and felt things changed he was being too serious with me. We would stay up hours on end chatting a load of rubbish, laughed, we never argued that what made us great, we had our little disagreements and so on but literally bounced off each other. He was immature but I loved him for it, I would change that. Anyway 4 days I went No contact had enough with he stupidity and being cold and he kept phoning and texting me. He even phoning me off other numbers. Then we finally talked but not resolved the issue. The first time ever he told me he loved me, I was shocked and kept asking him to say it again and he did, I weren't expecting it at all. Things were ok, I texted him to say what do you want now but got no reply. We meet up the next day had lovely lunch, went back to his and spent time together. He later drop me off home and I asked him again what is it that he wants and he said we talk later. I was fuming every time I have something to discuss I have to wait and we he want to discuss something has to be now. Couple of weeks later he changed his profile picture with him and another girl, he doesn't change his profile pictures but felt it was for my benefit only to prove his moved on. I was gutted but had to accepted it. Then that night I get a text from him say "claire". I didn't reply back, I was scared didn't know what to I say, this was 10 days ago. Not sure what to do thanks x


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