This hell lonliness is killing ne?

no time for my girlfriend to spend with me. feeling so alone.. during the time of festival this feeling screw me up. even friends are now become couple. so they dont hav time


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  • you should really tell her how you feel , there has to be at least one moment where she can spend with you or at least call you to tell you that everythings cool. when someone likes you they will at least have one moment to spend with you even if its only for 10 minutes

    • i told her many times. even i beg for her company. but things get worse day by day. i am becoming mentaly sick. and fallen in depression

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    • no problem man :)

    • at 80 year old i like to be at a restura with a bear glass in my hand and sitting with my best friend not with my lover and singing metalicas nothing else matters.. 😃

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  • do something you haven't done till now..


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