He won't invite me to this party?

Reconnected with an ex who was heavily involved in drinking, drugs, and cheating on me in the past. He hasn't done anything severe since we've seen each other again besides drink heavily and smoke week, but tonight he's planning on going to a party alone without me (he invited me earlier and changed his mind last minute) with druggy friends who do coke and get fucked up all the time, even though I know he wants to get better and stop doing anything like that. I have a feeling he's not inviting me so he can do coke one last time without me being there to support him and show him I care, so he can freely do shit.

Should I just dump him because he's blatantly disrespecting me even though I feel super uncomfortable? Or let him do whatever he wants regardless of him being an addict and going to a party alone, without the one person or friend (me) who would ever ask him to think of himself.


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  • crash in to his party.


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