How many guys have cheated?

So this is just a question, how many guys have cheated on their partners and why?


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  • cheating is the result of distraction or temptation...and both parties are in actuality at fault for it happening to say the least...this assumes that both persons actually loved each other before getting hitched

    girls cheat just as much as might not seem that way, but they are actually better at not getting caught

    some advice, if you do a real good job to love someone (both sides), then there's no reason for him/her to cheat on you

    • Interesting point of view, but I personally know a couple of guys who have cheated just because. They have no reason, nothing their wife or girlfriend did or didn't do, they say that the girl hit on them and wan't too, so they did it. I personally think that is the stupidest thing I ever heard, but that was their response. They seem to really love their wives, why risk loosing everything? And what about the men and women who cheat because they want a variety?

    • The men and women who want variety probably hadn't settled down in the sense of what marriage means and probably still had some extra hormonal phases left in their system

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