Im 15, in 10th grade, and recently got out of a relationship, need advice?

So, I broke up with my boyfriend who was very mean. It's hard. My parents hated him, my siblings hated him, my old friends, etc. His parents would always ask me questions like how he's behaving towards me and if he had taken his medication because they would hear him yell or bicker at me in his room. Over video call he would make me cry and tell me i need to lose weight WHICH I DONT. I had a nose ring, and he told me he would end our relationship if i didn't take it out. Also, he did not want me hanging out with any of my friends no matter what gender unless he was there. i broke up with him because I started to realize on my own that this is horrible. He took all my confidence and crushed it. He is my age, and he wanted to have sex, he drank, smoked weed, and he cheated on me twice. Wow, some 15 year old.. right? Its been about two weeks, and he has been sending nudes to girls, and one girl has been sending his nudes to other people... I blocked him on everything and i haven't talked to him since we broke up. I really do miss the happy times but I can't go back because he clearly doesn't like me anymore if he is saying so many mean things about me and already doing pathetic things with multiple girls. I don't want to cope the way he does, I want a beneficial way to cope. Please help me. My mom and sister are the only people I can talk to about my problems because he always hangout with the people who were my closest friends and they all blocked me. I haven't spoke to anyone except my family about my problems but my moms and sister are the only people i really need in my life. I love them and they will never try to hurt me. I've deleted all social media and all I do is sit in my dark room and listen to music. Please help me, im too young to be dealing with something like this and im too young to feel so sad about myself. I'm so sad, please someone help me.
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Will he ever come back, I dont want him too but I think if he plans on it im making it difficult because he has no form of communication except school.
Im 15, in 10th grade, and recently got out of a relationship, need advice?
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