He left because he felt lost? Yet we've only been engaged for 3-4 months. But we've broken up before and gotten back together?

Is this one of those times? What can I do to get him back again? We were together for almost 2 years, and we're really happy together.


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  • I got the perfect answer for you.
    first you have to go to Lowe's get a shovel and a measuring rod and a drill impactor for concrete.
    second go home go to the basement start using that drill impactor to loosen the concrete.
    third dig a hole about 12 feet also have a ladder so you can get out of the hole.
    step 4 rent a van
    step 5 catch him off guard and throw him in the van knock him out though so he can't fight back.
    the last and final step step 6 take him out of the van throw him in the hole give him loafs of bread so he stays alive. ... There that's how you get him back glad I could help!!!


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