Why do he always want to do a all nighter with me?

We will text all day then at night (around 11:00) he will text say stay up with me. We will talk all night (until 4:00am) then fall asleep on the phone. The first time we did it I asked him to stay up with me he said he was sleepy but he did it anyway every since then he asked every other night to stay up with him. One time I told him I was tired he begged me to stay up with him. And he always the first one to go to sleep ill fall asleep 40 mins after him and wake up in the middle of the night and hang up the phone then he will text me in the morning and be like why you hung up. This been going on for about a week now


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  • Maybe he just likes talking to you, like maybe he feels alone without you, he might feel some sort of your presence while your on the phone... but hey I'm not him

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    • It's possible, depends on his history I guess, if he's bad a bad past he might need it for comfort there's a lot of different things why he might,

      say for instance if he had a nightmare of a truamtic time in his life he has somebody there in case he's affected by it

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