How do you breakup a relationship when both of you love each other more than anything?

I am engaged to someone after dating for 5 years.. due to work he lives abroad. Yeah now its a long distance relationship. Things aren't great. I loved this guy with all my heart and now I don't feel it anymore. All I wanted from him was his love and attention. I wasn't getting his attention at all so slowly we drifted apart. But my life took a turn for the worst. Somehow... I absolutely don't know how tbh, i feel for my friend. He has been my friend for years! He was always in love with me but never showed it because he didn't wana come in between me and my fiancé. Anyws, when he found out that my fiancé and I were soo drifted apart.. he thought we broke up or something (its all my fault for not telling him that we weren't broken ul). So we started dating. Of course my fiancé doesn't know, nor my family. Me and my friend have been dating for 4 months now. I just realized what i feel for his is sooo much different from what ever experienced in my life. He also feels that way.
Its like I can't breath without him. He means the world to me. But i know we have to end it. I just don't know how!! There are a lot of family binding etc which won't allow me to be with the guy i am dating. Also if i break up with my fiancé it will crush him. Pls help me how i should break up with the person i am seeing now. I know it will break us both and disappoint both of us for the rest of our lives but I am thinking about our families and people who are involved with us. If i break up with my fiancé, it will affect a lot of people. Do I sacrifice our happiness for the sake of others? If so how and where do i even start?
Ps. Guys if you wana judge me or put me down.. please don't comment. I hate myself enough already 🙂
How do you breakup a relationship when both of you love each other more than anything?
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