He tells his ex he is still in love with her when he was drunk?

Then hung out with her the next day after the fact? Does that mean that even though he was drunk he was conscious of what he said due to hanging out with her the next day after that? And does that mean I'm a rebound because he also told her while he was drunk that he doesn't like me and never even wanted to talk to me.

He is 24 his ex is 21


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  • Drop him, being drunk only brings out what he really wants to say. He isn't worth your time


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  • Run for this hills girl, this guy sounds disastrous..

  • To me there isn't even a question here. DUMP HIMMM. Completely unacceptable, you're clearly second choice and being used.

    • Why is he saying all that to his ex?

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    • Also why does he have her moms number in his phone? I was just wondering about that because I never heard of a guy doing that... and thanks for the advice

    • Anytime. He's obviously close with her family. He definitely wants with her for sure.

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