Girls, Pay for sex it's bad?

I'm sorry for the title but nobody reply to my question before so I have to attract attention to this

Hey like a month ago my girlfriend break up with me she went back with her ex but she discovered really fast that he was cheating on her so they breakup in less that a month she obviously preferred him over me but I want to get back with her so I stop contacting with her for 3 weeks and she text me again for some random topic we star chatting again until I ask her why she start talking to me again her reply was that she want check on me because I was acting different. So I tell her that I don't want be her friend blah blah blah... then she told me that she just get some distance between us because she still with the history that she only go meet him once and she feels guilty. So I ask her to hang out she say yes! That she have some plans in the morning but she was free in the afternoon the next day. That day I text her she told me that she wants to get something to eat but she was going to pick it up because she was going to a club with her friends so she basically canceled it! The next day she text me again with a random text that say "nice haircut" like trying to start a conversation. I was mad so I just sent her a "thanks you" now I couldn't resist and text her again she was texting as usual reapply really fast until I tell her that she own me a hang out like trying to ask her out with a little joke. She is taking her time to reapply like 1 hour between text.

My question is. What does she want?
just act like a good girl because she feels guilty?
she maybe want give it a second chance?
or she just feel good knowing that I feel desperate for her?


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  • Pay for sex? I would never


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