After no contact?

As a female, should she contact her ex boyfriend first after nc for 30 - 60 days or let the guy first texts her?


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  • if you want him to be back then yeah..


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  • why text your ex?

    • It's because I miss him and I want him back

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    • For now I'm not ready to be in a relationship with someone else. I wanna focus on my studies, workout and happiness while for him

    • I would cut him out. You can't move on or he's if you let him stay in your life. You move on when you let go and actually move on. You're setting yourself up and you'll make it a lot worse than it already is. He does not love you and he obviously doesn't care about you like that so you need to accept that and keep those kinds of people out of your life. It does nothing good for you but keep you back from moving forward.

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