I don't want my ex to forget about me. The only way he can see me is through what I post on social media. Whats the best way to keep me on his mind?

Should I post a lot or be gone to create mystery? Which is better?


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  • https://cdn.meme.li/i/kecx4.jpg

    That sounds kinda pathetic. I don't think he will forget you but he just won't care about you or what you are doing. He will speak of you in passing. Best thing for you to do is heal by leaving him alone. It's over.

    • Well obviously it's sad. The whole
      Situation is sad. But it's not always so black and white. There's so much more but I can't possibly put it all into words here. Trust me he cares even if it's just a little. If he didn't care he wouldn't look at my social media. I was just looking for advice on what people thought would keep me on his mind a little more. Pathetic or not, it's still an honest question

  • you should just let him go he might get annoyed seeing you then unfollow you

  • My philosophy: Move on... they are ancient history. Look forwards, never backwards.



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