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  • MHO% is the ratio of the number of your opinions that are selected as Most Helpful Opinion, to the total number of your eligible opinions (your eligible opinions are the opinions you posted for questions and myTakes that have MHO selected for your gender after you post your opinion).

    Your MHO% is not affected if you post an opinion to a question or myTake which has the MHO already selected for your gender. Likewise, your MHO% is not affected until the question asker or myTake Owner selects MHO for your gender.
    For example, if you shared 150 Opinions on 150 Questions, and 100 questions' MHOs were selected after you post an opinion, and out of these 100 selections, 50 of your opinions were selected MHO, your MHO% would be 50% (50 out of 100).


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  • Most helpful opinion. You get 7 xper if your opinion is chosen as MHO


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