Is my relationship "open"?

I was dating this guy while I was at school, but summer came and we lost contact. So, he ended up moving schools that semester and we haven't talked since. Me being me, decided to move on so now I'm talking to someone else... so am I in an open relationship since we never broke up?


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  • It could only be an open relationship if he knew about it and agreed for you to get with other guys. Since he has not given permission, you are actually cheating on him.

    JK. You guys have been broken up for a long time and you didn't even know it.


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  • Look -- Lack of closure SUCKS. Which is why "ghosting" is such a dick move, among other things.

    ... But, we gotta face the facts, here. You haven't been in contact with this boy since BEFORE SUMMER.
    If you live down under, or in South Africa, that's half a year.
    If you live just about anywhere else... that's basically AN ENTIRE YEAR.

    How could this rl possibly still exist, after THAT long?
    (... spoiler: it can't)

    If this rl were some sort of "hey call me if you're in town" convenience arrangement -- also known as, "not actually a relationship in any meaningful sense whatsoever" -- THEN mb you could still have this sort of infrequent song-and-dance going on.
    ... but, the whole point of that kind of thing is that it ISN'T a relationship... isn't meant to be one... and won't stand in the way of one, if and when you DO meet someone with whom you want to take things to the next level.

    In terms of an actual relationship, if that's what this was once upon a time? Long long long gone. Petrified, fossilized, preserved in the ground.

    It's good to hear that you've moved on (to seeing other boys). Life's short.
    Now that you've moved on... it's time to actually **move on**.


    • Lol you really have me a lot to think about...

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    • Thanks that means a lot coming from a complete stranger😏

    • You're welcome, stranger #muah

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  • I think you aren't. He hasn't even tried to contact you once. Big enough a reason to think that it was/is over. And it's good that you're moving on.

  • You haven't talked to the guy since last summer and you think you haven't broken up?

  • an open relationship involves consent from both parties

  • You are broken up. He just didn't have the balls to do it and say it.

  • doesn't really sound like a relationship to me


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