My Ex Girlfriend Nearly Cried And Couldn't Say A Word When She Saw Me At Restaurant. What's Going On?

Hey guys, I would like to know your thoughts about the following situation.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me about a month and a half ago, after I said something hurtful. We had an argument and I said that she would never cut me off again. She decided to break up directly.

Anyway we started our trip to Vietnam 3 days later and spent 2 weeks together. At the start of the trip she told me that she made her mind about the break up and that we should go separate ways. So after awesome days together and pretended nothing had happened, we went separate.

After 2 weeks I saw her 800 km from when we split in a small townin a bar. We had a nice little walk together. She said she found a job and was happy. I said that I was happy too and proud of her. We ended up messaging for a few days and she asked me out for lunch. The conversations were nice and had fun. After a few days she asked me to stop messaging her and that she needed time and space and I agreed on leaving her that time.

We bump into each other 4/5 times a week and have a minute chat or sometimes not. When I saw her I told her that I was leaving town the next day and asked her out for lunch and she agreed. The lunch was a bit awkward to be honest and she was embarrassed. I wrote a letter and she started tears coming down her cheeks and she said it was the most beautiful thing someone said to her. We then left and said goodbye.
Oh, on that night I won a motorbike and it holds me about leaving town right now. And today something weird happened!

I went to the restaurant I usually go and she was there, we saw each other but I walked off and went to the one in front. When she was done with her meal she came up to me and said:Nathan,...-the words couldn't come out, her eyes got red and tears were about the form- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I stood up, went by her her side and asked her what was wrong. She answered : I hope you're alright. I said: yeah I'm doing alright but what are you feeling what's going on? She shaked her head
She said she had to leave and went.

Do you guys have any idea about whats going on with her? I wish I could understand her feelings.

Thank you buddies


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What Girls Said 1

  • She still has hard feelings for you.

    • By hard feelings, I mean her feelings for you are still strong.

    • Thanks for answering Joygirl. she told me the opposite so I don't understand why she acts like this now

    • A common friend called me and told me that she was really hurt to See Me around town and that she wants me gone asap. apparently she's really hurt to See Me sad and still cares about me. I really have to leave that town! It is breaking my heart that I can still make her feel bad. i love her so much and want the best for us.

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  • seems like she clearly misses you and terribly regrets the way things got out of hand... If I liked her I would message her or even visit her to be truly honest... if you don't see a future with her then give her the space she needs to move on from you..

    let us know what you do!

    • Hey Igusto thanks for your answer.
      Yeah I love her so much but she said she made up her mind and I don't know if it is a good idea, knowing she needs time and space. I actually want to go back with her. I have no idea how to handle it, I don't want to put pressure on her.

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    • 100% behind that, I think you're spot on and I wish you the best of luck man!

    • Thanks Igusto!
      It is not easy but nothing in life is easy. you only make it better for you if you work on things. So I think that this is the right way to get to where I want to get, whatever happens. I am convinced it is worth to try again later.

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