Girls, Girl gone quiet and always glancing?

Girl who used to always glance at me and smile in my local store used to always speak to each other EVERYTIME we see each other. Then I knew her friend and mentioned she was cute etc. So I messed around saying I'm going to come and see how's she doing one time in store. Then when I went in after the gym they was all smiling etc so I left it a d bought my stuff and left. Then for weeks I avoided her to avoid awkwardness and she would always look me up n down and look like she's figuring me out etc and then I decided to go to her checkout and we was joking around like normal. So weeks after my friend asked me to confirm if it was the same girl over Facebook in the process I accidentally liked a picture of her then unliked (don't think she noticed) but then weeks went by and she would always glance when I'm buying food etc. I noticed she would look like she's trying to figure me out or checking to see we're I am in store then when she sees me at another checkout she looks away. So at that point I was wondering if she new I liked her picture. So I went to her checkout month later and she did t say a word so I forgot her but now she's always glancing and looking sad or like she's got a grudge against me?


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  • she is shy.

    • She wasn't shy at first she always initiated conversation

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