What does my ex mean by this?

So me and my ex has recently broken up with me today. She says we should take a break like a short break up. She says her depression has come back and its been really bad, i asked why and she said "Relationships do this". She said its not me its her and that her emotions and her feelings are not in a good place right now, she does not know what happened or how it happened and that she needs some time alone thinking its for the best and would be better if we were on our own. What does she mean by this?
Should i just give up on her and move on? Or just wait for her to text me? She also unadded me on social media on all her accounts.


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  • she has another guy lined up she wants to screw out already has and she wants to use you as a backup if it doesn't go anywhere

  • 60% chance she cheated on you boy


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