I cannot get over my ex... any advice?

This is a rather long story but I'm desperate. I dated this girl for a long time, I loved her and I guess I still do. It's been two years since we split up and I still can't seem to move on. Since we split up I've had horrible depression and anxiety, which has caused me to drop out of University, to the point where I'm back at home and looking for a job. I've seen doctors, taken a bunch of different meds and although things have gotten better regarding my mental health, I'm still fragile. This girl lives near me now once again and that familiar pull to see her and try and get things started again, even though I'm very sure she doesn't want the same thing. We're still friends but I feel like it'll never be enough for me. This whole situation is literally giving me a headache and it's making me feel worse again mentally. I have no idea what to do. My feelings for her are still there and I can't make them go away and I can't move on. Due to my situation I feel embarrassed talking to other girls and I just haven't been able to pull or meet anyone new save for some short lived romances whilst I was at Uni.

Please help and give me any advice. I really don't want things to become unbearable again.

I cannot get over my ex... any advice?
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