I told my ex I can't stand him, if your ex told you she couldn't stand you, what would think? and don't want to talk you anymore?

Well I was mad falling in love of my ex, he broke up with me. At the time he said he was in love, and I remember he was mad jealous. Anyway, Before he left my apt during his visit of the break up night, he took all his stuffs, and told me to never contact him anymore. I have some stuffs at his home he never send them to me. So apparently he knew I deleted all his info, pictures on my phone, and changed my number
1) because I sent him an email saying I regret to be the first one contacting him but I need my stuffs back. During that conversation, I told him many times to dropped them on my porch or leave them on his porch I will pick them up, and do so during the week. "just so I don't see him because he is at work during the week." He insisted that I came to pick them up when he is there, and gave me his address again, and his number. I just replied to the email, that he can keep them as a memory if he doesn't want to give them back. He said okay, I don't reply back.
2) A month after I sent him an email again, I was reading a chapter in a criminal book for my class about sexual assaults, and nude picture precaution. I get paranoid I sent him an email again telling him that please delete all my half naked pic, if he have not done so already because I saw the previous ex before me naked pics, and don't want your next girlfriend to see my pics. I don't wish to talk to him, And I can't stand him already, l have the right to enforce my privacy. He just replied all have been deleted.
They were only my top pics with no bra, don't like sending nudes.
So does it seems like I'm the bothering him, or can't forget him? I won't forget him but I'm really not the type to beg man. Would he think I still like or can't get over him, because of my messages to him? It still not the case in my thoughts. I don't think I made him feels any wrong by saying think like that.
Help me answer my questions, what do you think?


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  • it is hard putting the people from your past behind you sometimes. in my opinion if it doesn't hurt you or hurt him and your conversations have no fights in them then I'd say its okay to be chatting. the fact he is replying is nice. it depends on how the person treated you during the breakup or afterwards. if you feel you can talk to the person again and be friends then by all means go for it. if the person wasn't decent or respectful and you wish nothing to do with them then you have every right not to want to talk to them or see them again. hope that helps.

    • Thanks it was more harsh and disrespectful and childish, I don't want to talk to him anymore. I just wanted my stuffs back, and want him to respect my privacy, that's why I sent the emails. I didn't want to look hopeless because I sent the emails.

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    • Alright thanks,
      I don't want to meet him in person, he can keep them.

    • remember at the end of the day you are your number 1 priority. take care of yourself, hope everything works out for you

  • I don't have anything to do with an ex. I'm not that stupid

    • Sorry i don't see how you answer my questions?
      You mean you wouldn't hold my stuffs, or you wouldn't even contact him again if you were me?

    • Never contact him

    • Ooh okay, I didn't realize I was stupid doing that.
      Alright I understand.

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