Girls, Would you ever tell someone you love them if you didn't mean if?

I know it sounds bad but when my girlfriend and I broke up, I said I still love her and asked her if she ever did and she said "i dont know if I ever meant it." Girls are usually more honest with this kind of stuff, when we were dating she said I was the best boyfriend that she has ever had and she loves me so much, she said this multiple times. Is she trying to just hide her feelings or what? Im so hurt by this especially since I treated her like a princess when we were dating and was always there for her.


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  • She's just trying to hurt you like you've hurt her, she's just angry

    • I've already attempted to get her back desperately, which wasn't the smartest. I had relationship anxiety and grew distant from her and I explained that to her, as well as having my friends mouths in my ears about dating. I'm ready to commit now though. I miss her and I'm starting to have a feeling she's missing me too, its been a month since we last talked (trying no contact) but she followed me on instagram a week ago. She was my first girlfriend too and she knows that. Do I have any chance of getting her back?

    • I actually broke up with her in the first place im such an idiot.

    • Phew! a month... Focus on other things in the meantime she'll eventually contact you if she's ready to make up, no more begging

  • No I wouldn't


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