Why is this still going on?

In December of 2015, my coworker introduced me to his friend who got out of a really rough relationship. So we talked on the phone a lot, and she invited me over after work one night, and things went well, and she told me that the last relationship was with an abusive guy and bribed her into having sex. then told me she had sex with 22 guys before me.
Then she wanted to take a break because she was still having a hard time after the last one.
We dated for a few weeks a month later, but she eventually broke things off because she wanted to persue her Mormon heritage.
About 6 months later, her best friend was killed in a motorcycle crash (the one who introduced us.) I messaged her on Instagram to see if she was ok, but immediately unsent it because I didn't want to talk to her. But she wound up calling me anyway, andi listened to all her crying.
I had a new girl and I stopped talking to her after we hung up.
Another 6 months, she messaged me about a problem with her car, and brought it to my dealer, and requested me to work on it.
When my friend/advisor was talking to her about the car and me, she talked down about me.
What is this girl's deal?


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  • She's been through a lot of shit man... Sooner or later she's gonna just give up on it all.

    • I get that, I tried to be there, but why would she still involve me?

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    • ... I dunno man maybe she's just gone nuts. I mean, again, she's had a rough life...

    • But, why would she push someone away who's trying so hard to help

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