What should I do with this girl? I want to be with her!

So for the last year or so I've become friends with this girl. and the more time I spent with her, I developed a crush on her that grew and grew until now sometimes when I see her anything bad that happens in my day drifts away and I'm happy, and all I want to do is hold her hand. So I definitely like her a lot. Recently we've grown closer as friends, we've hung out once or twice as friends, and we talk online, I text her, (she sometimes initiates), and we play this PS3 game online. She used to say "I don't hug." but last two times I've seen her she's hugged me tightly. I feel like I've been let into her circle of good guy friends ha ha, and I only know of two other people in it. Problem is, as good as things are between us, whenever the subject of romance between us comes up things get weird. When I was unknowingly flirting with her one day in class the guy sitting next to me jokingly said "Stop hitting on her, man". She kept watching her friends video and smiled slightly. Or two months ago, when I asked her to prom, she said I was Really really sweet but she was already going with somebody. Then she stopped texting me or a day or two. might have been a coincidence but who knows. Later I found she was going with her Ex, they were fighting a lot and broke up in January. She even said although they were still friends, he's like the only person who can make her mad. and they're still hanging out, not like holding hands or anything just maybe an occasional hug and a talking and some sparse texting. But I'm worried, when I was at prom her guy friend said "Oh dude, she's looking for you. She's over with her (ex's name.)" then I said "which one?" and he said "Oh, her bf. I mean, ex bf. they split, but they're here on like a date-date or something." God damn it that the guy who introduced me to her be bearing that bombshell. I ran into her over the night, though, and she seemed to be kind of annoyed with him, they must have had one or two disagreements and she seemed a little sad about how it was going. As far as me and her went, she took lots of pictures of us and always moved me hand on her back or shoulder. and we fast danced together and were always smiling around each other. We've broken the touch barrier in the past, our legs have touched and neither one of us has moved. When I called her beautiful at the dance she said 'awe, thanks (nickname for me) and replied that I looked stunning ha ha. She may just like me as a friend or like me as guy, and I really like her and I'm wondering what I should do... I really like her and want to be with her but I don't want to toss my wonderful friendship with her out the window for the sake of some stupid crush I have... and I'm worried shes' getting close to going back with her ex! should I ask her out? should I not risk it and enjoy her friendship? should I try to swoop in before her ex does? I'm leaving on vacation soon and I'm worried something might happen! What should I do with my crush?


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  • It sounds like you are too far in the friend zone. From what you say, she only sees you as her friend. If you care so much about her, you should just tell her straight out and then let her know that it is ok with you if she doesn't feel the same and you don't want to loose her friendship. Either way you'll know for sure. You have to be willing to put yourself out there.

    • But I'm afraid if I tell her how I feel she'll just think "oh my god, I've given him the wrong impression." and stop wanting to hang out and then I'll feel horrible. Some say she's starting to like me more than a friend, others say we're just friends. but I want nothing more than to date her... I just don't have the damn courage to tell her. but I don't know what to do, should I try to get her now? would it wreck our friendship? should I be worried about her ex? only thing I know is I like her.

    • I agree with kaylajaar10. in scenarios like this, you've got to give it a try man! if you don't nothing will happen and you'll still be stuck in the friend zone. if you let her know, who knows what might happen ;) at least now she'll know and keep that in mind.

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