Really just got played, kind of hurt I don't know why?

Was talking to this girl since beginning of January. I thought she was really into me but tonight I found out differently.

Found out she was living a double life. She was sleeping and hanging out with me but living with another guy she's been with for a year and half.

It it's sucks because my gut told me a week or two ago something was up, I distanced myself and she chased me saying "how she was really into me, and saw I different". But tonight my gut proved to me to never go against it.

im upset but I know I'll get over it, I can't believe how low people will go it sucks but I know karma will be served


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  • It really sucks that happened. Generally, your gut is right. What comes around goes around, she'll get her karma.

    As for why you feel hurt, perhaps it's because she betrayed your trust? It can also hurt that your initial judgement/impression of her was wrong. You can also still be hurt and still know you'll be okay/will get over it.

  • Nice people finish last. You need to keep your guard up and assess their behaviour as an individual before committing. I'm genuine and I feel it's unfair for people to play with other people's emotions.


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