What should I do?

i came in relationship in July 2016 with this girl i love from 4 years... but things later went wrong she started lying to me.. nd started flirting with some other guy who was 9yrs elder than her... nd then she fell for him nd she broke up wid me... even after all this i was supporting her nd hoping someday she vil come back.. nd later it happened that guy left her nd now she is all alone but she loves him.. nd she is not able to forget him... nd i want her back cz its really hard to live widout her... i love her a lot.. i dnt knw what to do next.. how to get her back,.. or should i jst stop thinking about her nd move on? or keep hoping fr her...


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  • i have had a friend in same situation as you are currently.
    we were 18 back then. This friend of mine wanted to commit suicide. I held him back saying you will be okay. I did my best to console him.
    Nevertheless we are 21 right now. He's happy af now. He's getting good grades, has built himself a good physique and girls drool over him.
    What I ask you to is to get over her. Even if she comes back to you just say NO. You've spent your precious 4 years with her. Not anymore. It's just that your good memories with her lingers in your mind.
    Find a hobby. Focus on your career. It's a long way to go buddy. Enjoy your life. Destroying it over one girl is totally unfair with you. And trust me, she'll realize what gem of a person you were


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