Soon to be girlfriend went through my phone. can I regain her trust?

Alright so my friend had ask me if I wanted to come spend the weekend with her to help her out around the house because she had to watch her roommate who just had surgery and she has a daughter. (Keep in mind that we had already tried to date before but she was going through somethings and decided she didn't want a relationship with me but instead got in one with someone else so I decided to stay her friend and she was shocked by that) so the weekend comes it's been about a month since the incident so I come up here with no intentions of being in relationship with her because I was respectful to the fact that we were just friends. But as we spent time together we started to get feelings for each other again. I was spoiling her, washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen and basically treating her like a queen and she liked it. Sunday rolled around and all seemed good, we were fixin to go get something to eat but she couldn't find her phone, so I was holding the baby and told her she could use my phone to call hers. So she took my phone and called hers and went upstairs because that's were it was. a few minutes go by and she comes back down and has her phone in her hand and I say I see you found your phone, she ignores me and sits on the couch and says I read your text messages. I ask her if she could clarify because I was a bit confused and she shows me the texts messages of one of the girls I was talking to during the past month. (The texts were kind of inappropriate) and the last time we had talked was Tuesday. She got mad and said she couldn't trust me and she thinks I'm just a player and only want sex because of the texts. She said she can't see us being anything more than friends because she doesn't like guys who talk to multiple girls at once... and it's kind of upsetting because I had only started talking to that girl because she had basically left me for someone else and I suffer from depression so I didn't want to fall back down into the hole.


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  • She looked through your phone invaded your privacy and then is getting mad at you when she was the one who rejected you. She has absolutely no right to be upset with you. This girl is no good for you. Move on and stop treating her like a queen, she doesn't deserve that

    • yeah she made me feel like a complete asshole and I still do. I feel like I was wrong for trying to pick myself up after she just tossed me aside like trash. And when I tried to explain that she got mad and said I was trying to place the blame on her

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    So someone who was snooping in your phone without consent and who isn't even your girlfriend, and YOU are the one asking how to regain trust?


    She sounds like an idiot. She was already using you for a pair of hands and she has already done you wrong already. She is a hypocrite and I don't see why you give her the time a day anyway.

    • Yeah it does seem kind of stupid on my part. But she was really good at manipulating me and making me feel like the bad guy even though I don't really feel like I did anything wrong. I was talking to girls when I was single. And we hadn't even made our relationship exclusive yet. Plus last time we started dating I completely cut off contact with every female except my mom and sister, and then she just ended up leaving me.

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  • She was in the wrong. Why do you refer her to as "soon to be girlfriend"?

    • Well I did because we were going to start dating again, but then that happened. And she wouldn't talk to me about it until the next day when she was taking me home.

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    • Yeah you are right, funny thing is that you are actually her age lol

    • She's too old for you anyway.

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  • She is hoping to start a relationship based on lack of respect for your privacy, no trust for you, and insecurity.

    Be very glad you discovered this now, because it will only get worse from here. Run, don't walk, away from this basket case.

    • Lol thanks, yeah there can't be a relationship if there isn't any trust. I trusted her with my phone and I feel like that should have been enough for her to trust me but I guess it wasn't. I tried to explain to her that I was going to handle the situation with the other girl but she said that she couldn't trust me anymore

  • First off she is not your soon to be girlfriend after this.
    Tell her to fuck off and get lost.

    • Lol I mean I'm still going to be friends with her, even though that might be a bad idea

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