Is it really over this time?

2 years. We've been good, then in February he said he was starting to date someone else. I got mad and he deleted me. I ignored his attempts to get back in touch til I finally agreed to meet up and talk. We did have sex and cuddled. He said he loved me. Then I haven't heard from him in two weeks so I sent a flirty hey what's up. He ignored it. I got upset and again I called multiple times, sent too many texts and basically messed up. He blocked me this time. I know what I did was wrong, but did he make me crazy? Do guys genuinely have a relationship where they don't talk for a while?


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  • It's been over. He's only using you to fuck when he can't find anyone else and you're dumb enough to oblige him. Never ever have any communication of any kind with an ex


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