Does he still care about me even though he doesn't text me until I do first?

I had this boyfriend I really loved and thought he loved me back until he slowly became cold and told me one day we should break up because of some reason he thought is good enough but I found it really silly.. it wasn't because he stopped loving me or anything as he said "I still can't believe him tbh"
after the break up he said it's okay to be friends.. he would talk to me like nothing is wrong with him when i text him but he would never text me first.. he made it look like it was so easy for him and he's living well maybe even better than when he was with me..

I just wanna know did he use any excuse to get rid of me or he actually still care about me even though he doesn't talk to if I didn't talk to him first? Is it possible that he just got someone else? Does he even miss me?


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  • I concur. you should move on. when a guy leaves you like that its cause he's either tired or unhappy with the relationship. its not your fault. it just didn't worked for him.


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  • my relationship ended just like that and it turned out he had been texting my best friend and giving her all his attention as opposed to me and complaining about me and going to her for emotional support and it hurt so badly. move on

    • That's awful...

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    • It must feel so bad I know how it feels to still care about him while he just got something else, he may make you look like the crazy clingy girlfriend but it's not your fault at all.. wish you find someone better

    • thank you, wish the best for you too

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  • I am sorry. But i think you should move on.

  • Not really.


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