After 2 weeks of break, I have no calls from him. What's going on?

he mentioned that a break from our relationship would help us both calm down and would make our feelings stronger and better.since then he didn't communicate at all.i made a move after a week and call because I was afraid this was a way to break up with the phone call he just said that all these are for our good.

It was him that asked for time apart.
After a week from our last communication(that was me calling),he is disappeared.I really want that guy everyone is telling me not to call again and just wait.should I believe him coming back?


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  • The problem is, no one can read minds...

    And us gurl don't quite get how guys think and vice versa...

    So... I would say that as hard as its gonna me and is already right now,

    don't call or txt or email... Give him some space.

    Might be possible that

    -he has some things to take care of,

    -just need his space, nothing more (we don't understand that but they do that; take time, need space for nothing in particular and if it's to think about stuffs (could be about u, you guys or something totally random), he needs a bit of time since it seems that guys process emotionnal things and feelings much slowly than we do)

    - or wants to end it but don't really know how and hope ull get the clue or get tired or waiting and leave

    BUT, if it was the last one, he would have left already, well I think so :)


    Just wait as much as you can handle it,

    im with you gurl





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What Guys Said 3

  • who initiated the break and reason for it? did you do something?

    did you initiate a break up during this break? if yes, then you ended it...there's no need for communication

    • It wasn't me the one who ended it.He said we need to calm down because the last two weeks we were figting a lot and I was in a very bad mood.

    • Yikes. Maybe he freaked out because of the drama. Try to figure out if you can work on your temper, because if he is the easygoing type, it will scare him away.

  • My ex never gave me a break or space. I continually asked her for space, I knew Id come back but she just wouldn't give it to me. Constantly ringing/msging me after I asked for it, saying we need to talk.

    In the end I just kept snapping at her, and she wonders why...

  • When guys ask for a break their is the possiblity they are seeing someone else, convenient, this way you are not technically cheating...

    Or he just may be thinking things through, if he's into you he will contact you...


What Girls Said 2

  • Do not call, do not text don't take to him at all. a break is a break and he want's some space to think about stuff, and since you guys were fighting there is your reason for the break... He is probly trying to figure out, I love her but do I want this drama. So give him want he wants, if you keep communicated with him then that could be even a bigger mistake.

  • dont contact him. he is probably testing you to see if you will. If after a month he STILL doesn't contact you, leave him a message saying you are done for good. Men who love a woman do NOT want to "take a break" unless they have some shaddy buz going on...

    Stay focused & try to keep ya mind off the jerk:)


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