Guys, do you like mysterious answers from the girl that you like?

he said he likes me... and he thinks I'm cute... ;) and sexy. :)

but I left him hanging last night of how I feel about him... does that p*ss you off?

but when I asked him other things about him talking to me now, he said he has secrets too. so I said the same thing..

then I said I guess I'm going now... then he said, so you gonna leave me hanging like that? ur bad.


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  • Don't mind mysterious answers, but don't like being left in doubt, it's incredibly frustrating.

    For instance saying "Maybe I like you" is cool but if he says "I like you" and you say something like "Yeah", that's one of the most frustrating things!

    • Him: I like you

      me: I like you too. ;)

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    • LoL, and live in a fairytale castle with a butler called Jeeves?

    • Lmao! no. boyband

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  • It doesn't p*ss me off, but there's pretty much nothing more irritating. This goes out to all ladies everywhere--WE AREN'T MIND READERS. If you want or expect something, you bloody well need to tell us. The fastest way to never get what it is you're wanting? Play games or try to be subtle about it.

    • Lol... okay we get it... he was giving me mysterious answers too so what do you want me to do

  • Yes it does, I personally really like that instead of the good old playing hard to get thing. THAT IS HOW GIRLS SHOULD PLAY. Congrats to you, at least if I was trying to get to know you I will be all over you lol.

    BUT don't let it go for too long, actually next time you see him be more flirty with him. If you play for too long he is going to think you are not interested. Or if you reward him or give him a glimpse of hope, he is going to give up. Make him think but don't make him go insane.

  • it irritates me wen girls do that! Makes you stay up all night thinkin... "damn I shouldn't have asked" or "why won't she text me back!" and our personal favorite thing to think is "did I say something wrong?"

  • Oooh, well that's pretty cool, he's gonna be chasing you :3

    • When he said I'm bad, he wanted more right?lol

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    • Because he is a non-conformist, I dunno. It's cool :D

    • That smiley can mean anything yess?

  • It doesn't p*ss us off.

    But we definitely do not like it. Stop playing childish mind games and just be honest with him. This is exactly the kind of behaviour that leads us to eventually get sick and tired with someone. They're always hiding what they really think, instead of being honest. How would you like it if I made a joke out of everything you said? Especially when it was something serious, like for instance, a genetic disease you might have or something, he makes a joke out of it when you tell him about it. You wouldn't like it, would you? Well, we don't like it when you leave us hanging like this, because you're pretty much treating us like a joke. You're not being serious with us. You're just playing silly games. Grow the hell up, please?

    Unless you were unsure of what your feelings are, there's no excuse for doing what you did yesterday. If he told you how he feels, it means he wants to know how you feel about that as well.

    • I did tell him.. lol.

  • we don't like it, just say you like him and stop playing with his head

    • I did tell him I like him... but he asked me what I think about him... I think telling him I like him is enough. for now...

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    • Check ma updates and you'l see what I mean

    • Oh I see

  • Yes it does.


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