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There was this girl she was not that beautifull but unfortunately i fell in love with her. I dont know if she used me or not but i guess she didn't because i knew her well and she was one of my best friends. Last to last summer she broke up with me without giving a proper reason but i guess it was because of my insecurities towards her and maybe i was a little possessive about her. The only loss i have right now is that i dont have her as one of my best friends. I mean i do have my guys who are like brothers to me but after her i am not able to date anyone. Three rebounds came and i had perfect opportunity with each one of them and i ruined it. I am not in love with her but i am also not able to date anyone else. Also after breakup my behaviour changed i started to joke about my life and stuff just to entertain people but completely lost my repitation through the procedure. I often run out of things when i talk to girls which never happend before. It's pretty fucked up but any opinions what one can do in a situation like this?


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  • I was in a situation , unfortunately like this. My close guy friend fell for me. He dished out a lot of hints and clues but poor me was oblivious. I only saw him as a friend and when he asked me straight out, I told him this.

    Anyways, it was more than love, it was lust, it was obsession and hate and anger (from turning him down). He eventually blocked me , deleted my number and avoided any means of communication to get over me. I went along because I really valued our friendship above all.

    we ceased talking for 6 months then resumed. Our friendship isn't the same but it will take time and tides to get back to where we once were as friends. I am patient and willing.

    Anyways, its messy when you get or try to get involved with your BFF. Sometimes it works, sometimes not but when it ends you lose more than a Gf/Bf but a long time friend. Best thing to do is to give it time; baby steps.

    • You think you guys can go back to normal, i mean i have tried but now we aren't in contact even. She fell for some douchebag after me but i am not able to do the same. I just need to date a girl for sometime to get above this but everytime i try to do so all i could think is of that bond which i had with her and it screws up things for me. i understand every girl is different but i need her nature to be same like my ex. Am i totally fucked or there is still some hope? ,😶

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    • xper level 1. can't message you directly :D i wish i had more help :P

    • @Asker, make it to 3 at least. hurry up

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